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personMovement is life, life is a process.
Improve the quality of movement and you improve the quality of life itself.

—Moshe Feldenkrais

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The Method®

We all have habitual movement patterns arising from our life experiences, including injury, occupation, and trauma.  Although these events subside, many of the compensatory movement patterns remain.  Rather than “fixing” the body, the Feldenkrais Method® teaches how to expand our abilities and ranges of choice.
The Method is a form of neuro-muscular re-education developed by Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, D.S.c. (1904-1984), a Russian born physicist, judo master, mathematician, engineer and educator who lived most his life in Israel.

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Jill Duran, GCFP

Jill first discovered the Feldenkrais Method® in 2002 while searching for relief from the aches and pains resulting from years of horseback riding.  In addition to caring for their menagerie of animals, Jill and her husband find time to share walks on the beach with their dogs. Jill also enjoys Argentine Tango and refining her equestrian skills to inform her sensitivity and awareness of habitual movement pattaerns in herself and her clients to find a sense of freedom.

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Oso and Moe- Featured Therapy Dogs

Meet Oso and Moe

Oso and Moe our dynamic duo, our prized therapy dogs here at MoveDifferent. Their unsurpassed gentleness and patience make them perfect trust-building companions.

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