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What We Do —
Riding for Awareness and Development for Children and Adults

Riding for Awareness and Development sessions are highly individualized, contact us for information about scheduling your consultation today.

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Update:  Jill is in the process of completing the EQUUSOMA® Certificate Training program.  EQUUSOMA® Integrates Somatic Experiencing® and Trauma Neuroscience into Horse-Human Relationships.  Read more about EQUUSOMA® here, Click Here

MoveDifferent Ranch

Our Riding for Awareness Staff


Norwegian Fjord

Coco’s a lovely mare with spirit and soul.  She comes from first premium, traditional, imported Norwegian lines that boast old school build, disposition and movement. With curiosity, Coco takes in each day and lesson that it brings with interest and intelligence. Her foundation training speaks miles and, at the end of the rainbow, we expect to find a stout, dependable, and trainable mare suitable for our riding program.people-and-animals-mandala-small


The Matriarch

Demi is the smartest horse we’ve ever met.  She’s confidant with a kind and gentle nature.  She’s a pleasure to work with and never leaves you challenged or defeated.people-and-animals-mandala-small

Bella and Dora

Our Mini Donkeys

Bella is our five-year-old miniature donkey. She is an old soul, she is our spiritual leader. When you look into her eyes, you feel like she sees who you are. Her reserved and grounded nature always brings a calming influence.

At 2 years old, Dora walked onto the property with confidence coming out her ears. She is now 4 years old we have yet to convince her that she is not the CEO. Her braying and shenanigans are guaranteed to keep you in stitches.

Our donkeys bring joy and levity to our lives and to all those who have an opportunity to spend time with them. people-and-animals-mandala-small

Children who isolate themselves can become more open as a result of equine assisted therapy.
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