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personMovement is life, life is a process. Improve the quality of movement and you improve the quality of life itself.

—Moshe Feldenkrais

Jill Duran, GCFP

Over two decades of experience, expertise and ongoing education in movement studies and the equestrian arts

Jill first discovered the Feldenkrais Method® in 2002 while searching for relief from the aches and pains resulting from years of horseback riding.  Increased comfort and an improvement in her riding sparked an interest in learning more about the Method and the human capacity to heal. Jill completed a four-year Feldenkrais training program during which she experienced a sense of freedom—both in her thinking and in her movement.  This new-found awareness of her own potential lead her to leave a successful career as an attorney in the San Francisco Bay Area to open a Feldenkrais studio in Santa Cruz, California.  Jill currently  sees both humans and animals in her practice and continues to deepen her understanding of healing  and the Feldenkrais Method through advanced coursework and trainings.

Jill’s continuing interest in self-healing and self-discovery greatly influences her Feldenkrais practice.  Jill continues to develop her sensory and nonverbal communication skills by working with many different people, dogs, and horses.  Her thinking and style of working are also deeply informed by her philosophical and legal studies.  Both logic and intuition influence her way of thinking and working.

Liveliness, kindness, compassion, and curiosity are at the center of her practice.  Jill most enjoys helping her clients cultivate their own awareness, focus, and potential.  In her private practice, she regularly works with adults and children with a variety of concerns, including chronic and acute pain, neurological problems, and learning issues, as well as athletes and equestrians.  She also enjoys working with dogs and horses.

In addition to the Feldenkrais Method,  Jill integrates yoga, Ayurvedic medicine, therapeutic horseback riding, TTouch, and Craniosacral Therapy into her work.people-and-animals-mandala-small

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