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What do we do?

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Who Comes to Feldenkrais?

Anyone young or old, physically fit or challenged can benefit from the Method. 

Feldenkrais benefits people looking to improve their functioning, including:

  • Those dealing with central nervous system conditions, such as, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, and strokes;
  • ¬†Professional musicians, athletes, equestrians, and dancers looking to refine and improve their abilities;
  • People seeking to recover from physical and emotional injury and/or trauma;
  • Those that sit or stand for long periods or those engaged in repetitive motion;
  • People with pain and dysfunction through overuse, misuse and neglect, as well as those who want to move more gracefully; finally,
  • ¬†Anyone looking to improve his or her physical and emotional potential.
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